Moment brave mum fights back against gang of carjackers by whacking them with a broom

This is the moment a brave mum batters a gang of carjackers with a broom as they attempted to steal her car while her daughter was still inside.

The heroic mum’s battle was caught on security CCTV outside a shop in the city of San Justo, Buenos Aires Province in Argentina at about 10pm local time on Sunday, 21st August.

In the footage, the mum’s car is parked outside the store with her daughter, reportedly about 10 years old, in the front passenger seat and an adult in the driving seat.

Seconds later, a Chevrolet ONIX car pulls up next to the car and blocks its path.

As four thugs pour out of the Chevrolet, three of them swarm over the parked car trying to pull the driver out of their seat.

But they had not bargained on the furious mum who ran out of the shop and grabbed a broom before battering the crooks’ heads.

While they are distracted, she runs around to the other side of the car and pulls her daughter out.

The robbers then manage to pull the driver out of the car, dragging them along the street for a few metres and driving off.

The driver was reported to have not suffered any serious injuries while police are studying the CCTV footage.

Earlier this month, a moped rider smashed a millionaire’s supercar in a bid to steal his £110,000 Rolex watch.

Abdulla F. Al Basman was driving through traffic when he was targeted near Park Lane in central London yesterday.

Footage showed the rider attacking the window of his £3 million Bugatti Chiron with a hammer but failing to snatch the Platinum Daytona watch.

Another moped rider is seen alongside the would-be thief as they both appear to flee the scene.

Witnesses said the pair were hovering on the pavement that morning outside the Berkeley Hotel where Mr Al Basman was staying.

They recalled staff ushering the gang away, but that they followed the millionaire to Hyde Park Corner.

“The moped thieves were at the hotel this morning and staff told them to get off the pavement,” one witness said.

“When Abdullah left in the Bugatti they started following him all the way to Hyde Park Corner. One beeped their horn which I assume was the signal to start attacking.

“One beeped their horn which I assume was the signal to start attacking,” one witness said.

“I assume they were waiting for a junction they knew would have a long red light so they had time to attack them.”