San Francisco J/120 Fleetupdated: 9/30/12
Mr. Magoo
Hull #80
Sail #28289

Steve & Pamela Madeira

2002 Season Champion
2004 Season Champion
2005 Season Champion
2008 Season Champion
2010 Season Champion

When I bought my boat in 1998, I was actually the 5th J/120 on the Bay. Within 6 months, I was the only one - whoops! Luckily, enough people eventually saw the benefit both of the boats, and of one-design racing. And given the choices available, there really wasn't anything but us between the bumper boats of the J/105 and the BIG ticket Farr 40s. With 10 on the line and an 11th on the way, I think time has validated my thinking.

Many people ask me why I named the boat Mr. Magoo, and there really is no one answer. But what it really boils down to is that, like Mr. Magoo, we have a tendency to stumble through life running headlong into precarious situations and somehow, with the intervention of Providence, coming out all right. In fact, some of our best races have been those where we faced some bizarre obstacle just getting to the line. And some of our worst have occurred when we were totally organized and on time. Maybe I should have called it Mr. Goodwrench so things would have worked out differently, but then what fun is that?

I have been fortunate enough to sail with, and against, some really great folks. We have had some very high highs and some very low lows, but on balance - and with the intervention of Providence - it has all worked all right. I guess I named it right after all.

Jolly Mon
Hull #104
Sail #46732

Chris Chamberlin
Hull #108
Sail #28486

John Wimer
The Desdemona crew have come together over a couple of seasons to their current cast of rookies. The core crew sailed with John on Fast Lane, a J/35. After winning the J/35 NA's and the SF Bay highpoint series, John got a offer from a Southern Californian to buy the boat, coincidently when a local J/120 was up for sale at a reasonable price. So the whole gang moved over to a bigger boat and have never looked back.

The Desdemona crew has had a terrific time getting to know her and have sailed the entire west coast of the US in 2003. Of all the boats the gang has sailed (J/35, 1D35, Farr 40 and Santa Cruz 52), they love the J/120 the most, not just because of the boat but because the fleet is so much fun.

Hull #122
Sail #28904

Steve Polcyn
Steven Sickler
Dan Woodworth
Rick Woodworth
One night after a lively discussion about sailing a few of us thought it would be fun to do the Transpac race. After an exhaustive search we found a great boat that would not only be a good ride to the islands but also a fun boat to race in San Francisco bay. As it turns out, it’s a great, competitive fleet in an awesome venue. For a bunch of Chicago guys sailing in the bay it’s a new and exciting experience.
Late Harvest
Hull #136
Sail #46936

Jim Frisinger
Hull #137

John & Nancy Callahan
Seth & Lauren Neiman
Hull #139

John Kerslake
Hull #142
Sail #25487

David Halliwill
Spinnaker Sailing
Hull #147
Sail #147

Hull #149
Sail #28442

Timo Bruck
Hilari Hardin
Timo bought Twist in December 2000 and had grand visions of using his boat as a weekend bachelor pad in the city as well as an "off site" office, anchored behind Angel Island. Six months later, Timo quit his job (so much for "off site" working idea) and called his sailmaker to discuss putting together a racing program.

Since then, Timo & Hilari got married (so much for the "bachelor pad" idea), and Twist has been active in the local racing scene, completed the Coastal Cup, went to Long Beach for North Sails Race Week, and has done a few double-handed races as well. Hilari races on the full-crewed events, but thinks that off-shore and short-handed racing is a little nutty.

When Twist isn’t busy racing, Timo & Hilari enjoy taking their friends out for day sails, often ending up in the lee of sunny Angel Island (no laptops, please).

Pride's Crossing
Hull #151

Eric & Christy Chin
Hull #153

Ken Raley
Hull #159

David Shames
Hull #162
Sail #28484

Barry Lewis

2003 Season Champion
2006 Season Champion
2007 Season Champion
2009 Season Champion
2011 Season Champion
2012 Season Champion
2013 Season Champion
When Barry got tired of being wet all the time sailing his Laser II (not to mention the physical abuse of full-on hiking) he thought he would upgrade to a fast racer-cruiser keelboat to parade around the bay and out into the ocean on weekends. Racing?.... well maybe eventually but not right away.

Then Steve M. puts together a J/120 Clinic in early summer 2001 and Barry has a ball going around the buoys and only rounds up.... maybe one or two times. So.... two weeks after taking delivery, Chance does her first race, The Second Half Opener, everybody has a complete blast going out to Bonita and back down the estuary (not to mention the party after) and Barry and Blake (his son) are completely hooked.

So with a lot of help from lots of people in the Fleet, as well as local sailmakers, the Chance racing crew came together and two years later are still sailing together having a ball out on the racecourse. Not a lot of cruising happening yet; there are too many great regattas to compete in for right now!

Hull #176
Sail #28870

Mark Deppe