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Fleet #5 Modifications to the J/120 Class Association Rules
based on 1/15/09 class rules
updated: 25 November 2013

3.3 A Primary Helmsman is defined for closed course day races as a person who, excepting for momentary absence due to personal or shipboard needs, steers the yacht during the 5 minutes prior to and including the start, all legs, and on all mark roundings including the finish. For ocean racing, The Primary Helmsman must be on the wheel, except for shipboard emergencies, for the start (including the 5:00 prior), the finish, and at least 50% of the time spent on the course.

Alternate Helmsmen must be cleared in writing (including email) with a Fleet Officer prior to the day of the regatta. Exceptions for unusual circumstances may be made at the discretion of a Fleet Officer.

3.4 Class Rule #3.4 (amateur sailors) is amended as follows:
     - "sailing industry professional" is defined as a IASF Category 3 Sailor
     - The sailing industry professional may not be receive direct compensation for their services
5.3.12 Removal of dodger, cockpit cushions, and doors to the forward and aft cabins (with hinges).
5.3.13   Windward sheeting traveler car.
5.3.14 Load Adjustable jib track for overlapping headsails.
6.1 Class Rule #6.1 (sail measurements) is amended as follows:
     - Owners are responsible for obtaining a signed sail measurement compliance certificate from the sailmaker for each new sail and presenting the certificate to the Fleet Measurer for his records prior to using the sail in Fleet season races.
6.2 Fleet #5 Championship Day Race events will be sailed with one headsail, the blade jib. For Ocean Races (as defined in Section 7.4), one overlapping jib is permitted in addition to the Day Race inventory. The Fleet #5 Sail inventory for Championship events is the following:

       Sail     Description
#3 Headsail 105% blade jib
Mainsail as per the Class Association Rules
Spinnaker (large) 165 square meters — 3/4 ounce nylon
Spinnaker (small) 120 square meters — 1 1/2 ounce nylon
Overlapping Jib 147% or 155 % — ocean races only

Spinnakers shall be constructed of nylon only.
6.2.1 A boat may carry one spare large spinnaker. In the event that the primary spinnaker is damaged and unusable, the spare spinnaker may be used in subsequent races.
6.5 Class Rule #6.4 is amended as follows:
     - The headsail may be full hoist, and may be tacked to the stemhead fitting.
7.1 Crew weight limit shall be 1800 lbs, exclusive of the primary helmsman, with no limit on number of crew.
7.1a In the event of a protest, the crew of the protested boat shall be weighed immediately upon returning to the dock.
7.4 For the purpose of Section 6.2 above, Ocean Races are defined as races whose normal (shortest) course requires sailing on the West (ocean) side of the Golden Gate bridge.
7.5 If the winds consistently exceed 20kts during the 5 minutes prior to the Class Preparatory Signal, and an agreed-upon signal is flown, small spinnakers only will be used for that race. The signal remains in effect for 1 race only, but may be flown again before subsequent races as conditions warrant.
7.5.1 The signal for limiting spinnakers shall be a green flag with a black slash, provided by the fleet. The flag is to be flown from the backstay.
7.5.2 Unless otherwise specified, the two most senior fleet officers in the race shall determine if spinnakers are limited. If so, they will fly the small kite flag (described in 7.5.1). Other boats should then fly their small kite flag to acknowledge that the rule is in effect.
7.6 It is the intention of the Fleet that any sailing instructions that invoke J/120 Fleet Five Rules shall also contain the following provision:
       The first sentence of rule 44.1 is modified as follows: 'A boat may take a penalty when she may have broken a rule of Part 2 or rule 31 while racing. The penalty shall be a One-Turn Penalty unless she may have broken a rule of Part 2 while racing within the zone of a rounding or finishing mark, in which case the penalty shall be a Two-Turns Penalty. Starting marks are not rounding marks.'